Aries Season and the Transformative Power of Fire

Aries Season and the Transformative Power of Fire

Welcome to The Sacred Web Tarot! We hope that our deck, guidebook, this website and this blog space provide a hallowed space where all forms of human embodiment can feel at home. We invite each of you who visits us here at to share your thoughts, questions and insights with us via email. We will always work to respond to you from a place of curiosity and compassion as we celebrate the infinite ways in which we are connected and the ways in which we are each unique and brilliant. 

In this new season of Spring, I find myself sitting at my computer, trying to digest the power of last weeks’ Aries New Moon, trying to figure out what to do with all of the infinite potential for growth that it represents. I ask myself, “How can I work better with the transformative energy of Fire to illuminate that which lies unseen in the shadowy corners of my mind? How can I be more consciously aware of how my thoughts and actions impact those around me? How can I harness the power of creation and destruction to help me discover what I am here to do and what needs to be transformed to make space for something new? What will be the spark of inspiration and the energy of action that will help me explore and evolve? How do I share my own light with the world?” These are the questions that live at the center of The Suit of Fire. These are the questions that Aries season invites us to consider. 

Aries begins the Zodiacal calendar. It ushers in Spring and all the wonder that attends any form of new life. With its Cardinal energy of Fire, Aries season presents us with the dynamism of the natural world as well as the power of our own courageous will to live a life of inspired passion and purpose. As Jeff Hinshaw (@cosmic.cousins), one of my favorite astrologers, wrote in his most recent newsletter, this Aries season and New Moon is a time of embodying the energy of “I am. I initiate. I start anew.” These words resonate deeply with me as I write this first blog post for our new website and as we work over the next months to bring The Sacred Web Tarot Deck and Guidebook to the world.

While these tasks can feel more than a little daunting, I take comfort in the knowledge that I can always work with the natural cycle of the seasons to guide me through whatever challenges I might encounter. I can work with the energy of the breath and the subtle body system of the Chakras - those powerful wheels of colored light - to facilitate growth and transformation. As the Zodiacal wheel continues to spin and move us deeper into Aries, I look to my Solar Chakra to help me see myself and my relationship to others more clearly. I turn to the Suit of Fire for inspiration. In co-creation with the Solar Chakra, the Suit of Fire can help burn away all that masks your inner radiance, your soul essence and the unique light that you were born to radiate. The Suit of Fire has been a potent ally for me as I walk the co-creative journey of making The SWT deck with my son. With their mantras of “Passion,” “Spark,” “Cooperation,” “Perseverance,” “Faith,” “Alchemy” and “Vision” (to name a few), our Fire cards remind me of the power of teamwork and the gifts of belief and resilience that can help us to pursue our dreams. I hope that each of you can begin to believe in your own beautiful gifts. I hope that during this Aries season each of you finds the time and/or creates the opportunity to honor your own unique light so that you can strengthen your inner flame and remember that you are here to help create a world that is better for you being in it. 



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The word “blog” on your homepage should be a little more brighter so it is easier to find. Your comments about the new season of spring are very good.

The Popster

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