Jannie Bui Brown

(she/her), author ofThe Sacred Web Tarot,  is an artist, yoga teacher, devoted mother of three and partner in life with her beloved. She considers herself to be a life-long student of all things spiritual and liberating and finds herself most at home on a trail by a stream, under a tree or on a couch reading a good book. She designs healing jewelry that she sells so that she can donate her profits to beautiful non-profit organizations. When not dwelling on the mystical nature of life, Jannie loves to ride her bike, hike, write, dance, practice yoga, listen to music and cook delicious food for her family and friends.

James Brown IV

(he/him), illustrator ofThe Sacred Web Tarot, is an artist whose mediums range from film making to digital drawing. He is the founder of the small production company Spontaneous Productions and has spent the last few years drawing this deck, reading tarot, writing scripts, and creating original comic content.