Sagittarius Season and the Energy of Intention and Insight

Sagittarius Season and the Energy of Intention and Insight

The archer travels at the helm of the 9th house and takes their aim at the stars. They make meaning by taking aim at a thought or an idea or concept so that they can design a life of purpose where will is expressed through passionate contemplation and creative expression. Lover of long distance journeys, of philosophies and the world of higher learning, Sagittarius embodies the energy of the seeker who lets their arrows fly through the dark night in search of wisdom. Sag is the intention seeker and intention setter. Taking aim is what we do when we set intentions. The word “intention” comes from the latin word “intentio” which means “to stretch out”, “turn [your] attention to”. Sag knows that setting intentions requires us to stretch ourselves, to be laser focused on our goals and on where we want to go. But, it is the 9th card in the Major Arcana that asks us to consider a different kind of journey, one that leads to the inner realms of visions, dreams and sacred soul mysteries. IX - Insight (aka The Hermit) wants us to remember that these quiet interior spaces offer the real fuel or food for the soul. 

With its mantra of “Invitation,” Insight reveals the power of understanding that comes from within. Insight encourages us to be more aligned and connected to our own inner wisdom, to allow our intentions to arise from the sacred heart which always speaks the truth. With Virgo (Mutable Earth) as its spiritual guide, Insight sheds light on the profound connection between the body (the vessel) and the soul (your personal, unique and exquisite essence). Virgo wants us to remember that we are spiritual beings living in a material world. Venus and Mercury attend Virgo and bring with them the gifts of beauty and communication. Virgo helps us to refine our intentions and to recognize that the treasure that we seek is, fundamentally, the light within, the communion between the material and the spiritual, the realization that there is no separation between self and source. 

Sagittarius season arrives just in time for us to make the most of the long nights through introspection and reflection. Sagittarius and Insight work hand in hand to fan the flames of inspiration so that you can root yourself in whatever intentions you feel called to consider. And what better time to set intentions than at the closing of a 12 month cycle (the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar being only one way in which to measure the passage of time!), at the evolution of the natural cycles of the four seasons and with the power of the four directions and the influence of the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to act as teachers or guides. If we consider the Cardinal elements (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) to be the seeds,  essence or embodiment of that element and the Fixed elements (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) to be the roots or established parts of the element, then the Mutable elements (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) can be thought of as the branches of the elemental tree. The branches of Mutable Fire and the arrows of Sagittarius extend their light in all directions. They are unafraid to traverse new paths and ponder the ancient and modern questions of the soul. They encourage us to release whatever fears might be holding us back, so that we can follow new paths and cultivate a deeper connection to our own light. 

During Sagittarius season (and all seasons, really), may we make the time to rest and restore ourselves as we turn inwards. May the following Breath Meditation help guide you through the vast and magical beauty of the inner landscape. 

As above, so below. Let us meet in the sacred center.


Sagittarius Considerations

  • Breath Meditation:
    • To help you turn inwards and make of yourself a channel for communion with spirit, turn to your breath to guide you into a quiet mind. Lie down and get comfortable. Place a rolled up towel or bolster under your knees for support. Cover yourself with a blanket and add an eye pillow or folded cloth over your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and exhale audibly through the mouth. Once you feel settled, begin to focus on the length of your inhale and exhale. Start by counting to 4 on the in breath and 6 on the out breath to create an energetic environment of receptivity and release. Inhaling a mantra - a word or an idea or energy that you would like to explore - and exhaling either that same mantra or an idea or energy that you would like to release is a simple yet incredibly effective way to calm the nervous system. The more you can soften the body and relax the mind, the more access you will have to the wisdom that dwells within. Continue breathing intentionally in and out, allowing the breath to potentially extend up to 6 counts on the inhale and 8 counts on the exhale. When you feel restored and relaxed, roll onto your right side. Take a few breaths here. Finally, come onto your belly, forehead to the Earth and arms extended palms up to ground your practice and offer your efforts in service to the greater good.
    • Tarot Cards, Mantras, Chakras and Elemental Energies
      • IX Insight (aka The Hermit, The Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius): “Insight”
        • Earth: Root Chakra, The North - the deepest form of wisdom - the compassionate heart
      • XIV Balance (aka Temperance, ruled by Sagittarius): “Integration”
        • Fire: Solar Chakra, The South - perseverance, determination, strength, courage to walk the path
      • The Seer of Fire (Fire + Fire, 20* Sagittarius): “Vision”
        • Fire: Solar Chakra, The South - perseverance, determination, strength, courage to walk the path
    • Poem for Sagittarius Season

    The Jewel

    There is a cave

    In the air behind my body

    That nobody is going to touch:

    A cloister, a silence

    Closing around a blossom of fire.

    When I stand upright in the wind,

    My bones turn to dark emeralds.

    James Wright

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