Taurus Season and the Root Chakra

Taurus Season and the Root Chakra

Working with the Subtle Body to Ground and Elevate


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground.”


In Taurus season, we root into the energy of Fixed Earth. Fixed signs (Taurus/Earth, Leo/Fire, Scorpio/Water and Aquarius/Air) arrive in the middle of each season. They represent the second sign of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and teach us how to be steady and unwavering in our actions while maintaining focus and stability in our thoughts. Fixed signs want to help us get things done and make it possible to sustain what we have created or achieved. The Fixed Earth of Taurus supports us through the unfolding of Spring and encourages us to appreciate the hope and possibility that new growth brings. With Venus as its planetary companion, Taurus gravitates towards all things beautiful and all things abundant. With its generous nature, Taurus wants everyone to experience life that is rooted in comfort, constant encouragement and enduring love.


In the case of Taurus, its Fixed energy of Earth specifically focuses on creating strong foundations for the sacred beauty of our material reality - our bodies, our homes, our work and our relationship to the Earth itself. During Taurus season, we are invited to cultivate sacred beauty in all aspects of our physical existence through both realistic and artistic efforts (one of Taurus’ special powers). Whether it is working in your garden or volunteering at a community garden, taking an art class, journaling, painting a room in your home, practicing breathwork and meditation, listening to music or supporting an environmental organization that is working to heal the Earth, now is a wonderful time to direct your attention to the material world in which you live. Working with the Earth Chakra - the first spinning wheel of light within the energetic system of the subtle body - can help us to expand the fertile power of Taurus and help us to access the gifts that exist within and around each of ourselves.


Like the astrological signs, each of the Chakras contains within them the essence of an element. Chakras also contain the energy of a specific color, sounds, visual images, animals, gemstones and breathing practices. The Root or Earth Chakra is located at the base of the spine and houses the primal or force of life energy. While the Earth Chakra is affiliated with the three signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, its energy of stability, grounding and “fixed” primal life force feels most at home in Taurus. Taurus and the Root Chakra provide a strong base to begin working with the subtle energy of the body. With its color red, the Root Chakra vibrates at the slowest frequency. So, it is a more manageable energy to work with than, say, the energy of the Solar Chakra with its source of Fire or the Throat Chakra and its element of Ether. Know that just by sitting or lying on the ground and breathing into the connection of your body to the Earth can generate feelings of calmness and peace. Calmness, peace, abundance, strength and pleasure are all essential aspects of Taurus season. Remember that in Taurus season, there are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground. Be creative. Use your imagination. The following meditation is just one way in which you can start working with your Root Chakra. Feel free to work with one or all of the 4 stages.


Root Chakra Meditation


Stage 1: Begin by sitting or lying on the ground. Get yourself feeling comfortable and supported by sitting on a yoga block or folded blankets to elevate the seat and ease any pressure in your hips. If you choose to lie down (my favorite mode of meditation!), place a rolled-up towel or blanket behind your knees to relieve your back. Once you feel physically supported, close your eyes. Tune into your surroundings. Can you feel the Earth holding you? Can you feel the air caress your cheek? What sounds do you hear? Pay attention for a few minutes. Be at ease. Now, begin to draw your awareness to your breath. Notice if your inhale feels smooth or hesitant. Can you soften your grip on your breath? Can you be still?


Stage 2: You can stay here in steady stillness or you can begin to direct your breath more intentionally by guiding your inhale to the count of 4 - pause at the top of the in breath - then release the exhale to the count of 4. Chakras are also known as lotuses with each Chakra containing a unique number of petals. There are 4 petals on the Root Chakra. 4 is an incredibly stable number - think 4 walls to support a home or 4 legs to support a chair. 4 is a beautiful number to breathe into. The more you do this practice, the more you will feel comfortable relaxing into the breath and quieting the mind. Once you feel at ease, you can begin to extend the count from 4 to as much as 8 (think of 8 as two 4s or twice as much stability).


Stage 3: When you feel grounded in your breath, begin to visualize a golden square at the base of your spine. Feel the square simultaneously root and expand you. Allow yourself to feel the wholeness of your body and the abundance of your heart. You can internally make the sound of “Lam” (“Laaammm”), the Bija or seed sound of the Root Chakra. Feel its vibration at the base of your spine. Feel it pulsing within the golden square.


Stage 4: At this stage, you can begin to work with the Earth itself to ground and heal. The Earth is brilliant. Its cycles of nature create balance through the gifts of destruction and release and rebirth and growth. While you are in meditation and with your breath as a steady guide, begin to release whatever does not serve you - whether that is negative thought patterns, emotional traumas or simply subtle body energetic sludge. Release it into the Earth with each exhale. On your inhales you can draw up healing, golden light from the bright molten fire at the center of the Earth. Feel yourself becoming lighter and brighter with each breath.


In The Sacred Web Tarot Deck, we call the suit of Earth “The Gatekeeper of the Soul” because whatever you put into your material reality affects and helps to evolve your soul’s essence. It celebrates the fact that you are a spiritual being in a material world and that this physical embodiment is a sacred gift. May Taurus season be a gift to you. May this Root Chakra meditation be of support and of service to your journey through the seasons.




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I love your first blog and it gave me much to think about. Though I do not have knowledge of the cards I can imagine how fire can ignite,show its light and also warm. I think I will try to absorb this and see where it leads me.

Muffy Bui

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