V - The Light of Joy and the Fifth House

V - The Light of Joy and the Fifth House

The 5th House is built upon the wholeness of the heart, the energy of joy, playfulness and imagination. It is populated by the desire to conceive of new worlds, both literally and metaphorically. Because of this generative energy, the 5th House is associated with creativity, children and love. Whether we are considering our human or non-human progeny and how they are additive to our lives, we must consider the 5th House. Within this Leo guided domain, we find the courage to create, to express and to shine.

Instead of focusing on the correspondences associated with the 5th House such as the tarot cards, chakras or planets, I decided to play in this house by writing a little story. (Which is part of a longer piece I am working on.)

Of course, I will share the correspondences. But I encourage you to get creative and - maybe, just maybe - be inspired to tell a little tale of your own.

“In the beginning, there was only darkness and desire.

Even the stars hadn’t yet been born and humans, well,

They were at the center of the wanting,

Just a dream in the heart of the dreaming One

Until an explosion of light anointed 

The Heart and began to fulfill

The endless longing - the true beginning -

Into the infinite realms of energy,

Into the magical, sacred experience 

Of being alive.

A  luminous song

Carries the Child through the stars

Towards the radiant Sun, towards

A golden door guarded by a magnificent Lion

Whose magnetic eyes blink bright,

Shined with a playful spirit, a love of life

That cannot be resisted.

‘Where am I,’ asks the Child?

Lion rumbles back, ‘The Fifth House, of course!

The House of Shining Self-Expression,

Creativity and Wonder!!’

The brilliant rays of the Sun,

Emblazoned upon the door,

Spark and shine. A flower twirls,

Lifts its face up to the light and leaps

Off the door and into the Child’s hand.

‘A gift for you, sweet Child. A reminder

That everything you need blooms within.’

The child frowns, unsure what Lion means by this.

But before a question can be asked,

The flower begins to grow, the brilliance

Within its petals flame with power, 

Fueling the Child with courage. 

‘Thank you, Lion!!! I will try to be braaavve!’

The Child’s words parade across the stars

As they rocket upon the blossom

Into the great, starry night.”


5th House Considerations


  • Astrological Correspondences
    • Sign: Leo

The Lion, known for its power and strength, is the avatar for Leo season. The phrase “Coeur de Lion” or “Lion Heart” imbues the Lion of Leo with its heart-centered energy. It takes incredible courage to live from the heart. We can look to the 5th House to find this brave, loving approach to life.

    •  Planetary Soul Guide: The Sun

The largest mass in our solar system, the Sun is a yellow dwarf star whose gravitational pull holds itself and the entire heavenly system together. It spins at the heart of our galaxy, its energy the source of life for our planet Earth. Your Sun - the zodiacal sign under which you were born - contains all the unique, individual traits of your personality that come together in a radiant expression of your soul’s essence. The Sun in the heavens, the Sun in your astrological chart and the Sun in the tarot represent expansive, life-giving energy. Solar energy is bright, a constant reminder of the power of creativity to transform and the power of being present to each moment to revolutionize life. It is your birthright to shine, for you carry the seeds of the Sun’s manifesting powers within your own unique, essential self. The Sun precipitates all forms of growth and reveals your own ability to create a radiant world in which your own soul energy infuses everything around you with your own brilliant light.

  • Tarot Cards and Mantras

Perhaps you can incorporate these mantras into your creative writing or journaling or even when you are meditating.

    • V The Teacher: “Wisdom” 
    • VIII: Strength (Soul Guides are the Sun and Leo)
    • V of Earth: “Wholeness”
    • V of Water: “Forgiveness”
    • V of Fire: “Cooperation”
    • V of Air: “Change”
  • Chakras

Because of the solar nature of the 5th House, we must first look to the Solar/3rd Chakra to discover the subtle energy at play here. Also called the Manipura Chakra - which translates into “lustrous jewel” - this solar energy lives just below the heart and is the portal through which we express and share our unique light vibration. You can think of the Solar Chakra as the “soul eye” through which we see the truth of the wholeness of the heart, the source of all things which is love.

For centuries, the Lion has been linked to the heart. So we must include the 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Anahata. “Anahata” is the Sanskrit word for “unstruck” and it reminds us that the heart can never truly be struck or anything other than perfectly whole. 

When the 3rd Chakra is in good health, it creates easier access to the Heart Chakra. When the 4th Chakra is open in its true, expansive nature, we can begin to access the 5th Chakra, also called the Throat or Vissudha Chakra. “Vissudha” means “pure” or “purification” and it is within this sacred space that we communicate our truth. The essence of our truth dwells within the sacred garden of the heart.

Separately and in tandem, working with the 3rd, 4th and 5th Chakras can help us to deepen our experience of and relationship to the 5th House of creativity (Solar Chakra of passion and self-expression), love (Heart Chakra) and wonder (Throat Chakra of purity and joy).

  • Poem for the 5th House

A Crystal Rim



Lifts its glass to the sun

And light - light

Is poured.

A bird

Comes and sits on a crystal rim

And from my forest cave I

Hear singing.

So I run to the edge of existence

And join my soul in love.

I lift my heart to God

And grace is poured.

An emerald bird rises from inside me

And now sits 

Upon on the Beloved’s 


I have left that dark cave forever.

My body blended with His.

I lay my wing

As a bridge to you

So that you can join us 



(trans. Daniel Ladinsky)

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