Each card in The SWT carries within it certain traditional aspects of modern tarot. However, the imagery and written offerings in The SWT presents the querent with a whole new world of insight and opportunity for self-reflection, self-awareness and transformation where even the difficult cards and the experiences that they represent offer hope, possibility and liberation.


The Source of Earth holds the lifeblood of the Cosmos in their loving hand. They ask you to contemplate the relationship between the material and the spiritual.


Earth ◦ The North ◦ Water & Earth ◦ Hand, Varada Mudra, Tree & Cosmic Sky

“With deep respect for my body, my home and this Earth, I recognize that we are all one.”


Rise up in celebration. Let the song within help your soul take flight.


Fire ◦ The South ◦ Pluto ◦ Tourmaline ◦ Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) ◦ Solar Chakra ◦ Ram ◦ Hummingbird

“Released from judgment and suffering, I rise up in communion with the gathering light.”


Can you find the courage to step into the fire? Can you make space for the flame within to shine like a beacon for all to see, an inspiration for transformation?


Fire ◦ The South ◦ Tiger & Infinity Sigil

“Anything is possible when I follow my true passion.”


Magical manifestation. Click your heels three times. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.


Air ◦ The East ◦ Mercury ◦ Labradorite ◦ Warrior Pose I (Virabhadrasana I) ◦ Heart Chakra ◦ Yam ◦ Spider, Web, Sigils & Infinity Sign

“I have everything I need to manifest a world full of wonder.”


Do you know how beautiful you are? Sometimes you can’t see how your independent spirit and curiosity are here to lead you into a deeper understanding of what you are being called to pursue.


Air ◦ The East ◦ Cat, Crown & Third Eye

“When I trust my own intuition, I see the perfect beauty that dwells within me.”


Come to me, beautiful child. It is time to take pleasure in being alive.


Earth ◦ The North ◦ Venus ◦ Emerald & Green Onyx ◦ Reclined Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana) ◦ Root Chakra ◦ Lam ◦ Cow, Venus & Rose

“Grace is revealed when I choose gratitude to be my guide.”


You are a sacred individual, revealed in the night, protected from the illusion that you were ever anything else.


Water ◦ The West ◦ Hippopotamus, Flower & Starlight

“I bathe in the feelings of contentment that rise up from within.”